old man

recently i realised that i don't draw that much any old people and if i do they look like kids with wrinkles. i 'm working on it. this is a quick sketch with 2 or three pencil lines to get the layout of the page and then ink sketching with a pentel brushpen. i used plain 140gr paper. in that kind of paper pentel doesn't flow that well, which let you apply some dry brush techniques if you move really fast..

the rough scan

tweaking in black&white values

colouring in PS


anastasis said...

meta apo ena trelo seri updatewn to blog mou einai pleon pio nekro kai apo thn koinwnikh mou zwh.
alla mono giati asxoloumai apokleistika pleon me to lynch!
...mwro mou

panayiotis pandazis said...

nai, mikrh mou kalogria, perimenw..