a couple of weeks ago, i was lucky enough to watch "heima", the movie by icelandic band sigur ros. being a huge fan of their music, i knew it would only do good on my nervous self.. the outcome was far better..
"heima" is 97 minutes of civilization in its purest form.. it features one track for every place they performed in their tour in Iceland. the landscapes of that country compined with that music is not an easy thing to describe. the situation with sigur ros is not that they 're very good or inspired musicians (they are though). it is that they can create a spectrum of feelings right before your soul, it is not just a sonar matter..
here is what i drew after i came home, that night..


digitalsadness said...

8a to katevasw na to dw tote:)
anypomonw gia to neo album.

megeies gia to blog:)

panayiotis pandazis said...

thanxx mitse! to "heima" den yparxei kapou pros to paron.. alla tha bgei se dvd to noemvrh ap oti katalava..