going digital

well, this is the first time i 'm trying to make a digital drawing from scratch.. i got me a wacom a month ago, but i had used only for colouring. what follows is the proccess of a quick drawing of a boy, just to get used to not using any traditional media.
first i made the rough sketch in MS EX3.0 using the pencil tool.

then, in a new layer i "inked" using mainly the brush tool. as a newbie in using the wacom, that brush tool is pretty comfortable as it kinda fixes your line as it goes..

then, i exported the image in psd format and openned in PS, where by using a new layer under the lineart i coloured the picture with three flat colours for the character using the pencil tool in variant sizes between 10-100 px. that's it. (oh, i added a crappy background too :D )


Dust Road said...

re, ase tous ipologistas kai vouta ta xeria sou sta melania.

panayiotis pandazis said...

gia na to les kati tha ksereis... (malaka)

Dust Road said...

anyway. pantos os skitso einai oraiotato. exei perissoteri plastikotita apo oso sinithos.

ko said...

kalo mou, megia to blog! (enoeitai pos) mou aresoun poli ta skitsakia sou, ti soi crazy fan eimai?!
o geros einai tromeros