antennas to nowhere

i woke up at six am, without any special reason, i tossed and turned in my bed, couldn't get back to sleep so i rose, opened the window, got back in the bed, put on my headphones and listened to "antennas to heaven" by gy!be. when it was over i turned on my computer and drew this picture with the wacom, lo fi style.
in a couple of hours i have to go to the army office and do some paperwork about my statutory twelve month duty in the greek army which begins in 3 months time.
first i m gonna have a really good breakfast and download the fresh southpark episode.


valium said...

kalhmera !!
gybe! gia prwino ?? hmm.. poly kairo exw na to kanw.. thanx gia thn idea !!

madart84 said...

oute ego koimithika kala xtes vradu, xupnisa 2 fores gia nero.
pote me to kalo mpaineis gia politis?

lopi said...

Στα ελληνικά στρατά και εσύ?
Μα τί διάολο, επιδημία έχει πέσει?

pan pan said...

@valium: epishs dokimase "murderes" apo frusciante.

@mike:mathe ellhnika re plz :)

@lopi:oi anavoles teleiwnoun pio grhgora kai ta lemonia sta karavia.skorvouto

Alexia Othonaiou said...

ola einai prosxediasmena.....

(gia na doume ti tha mou vgalei tora...)