common ranting

this is the last panel i drew from common comics #4: mr. Danko . it's the last panel on page 15.
cc#4 will be out on 18th september, of course published by giganto books of the infamous t-drom. speaking of t-drom, he used to be major influence when i started doing comics, since he was the first greek i read that he made slice of life comics (atyxos les ki exw mia zwh gamw th poutana mou :D)..
drop by his blog to encourage him finish his new comic book.. i miss seeing a good new book by tassos and i guess a lot of people who loved populart#1 and #2 are looking forward to #3.
go team go!

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t-drom said...

ha ha ha... thanx gia to post re... niotho na kremomai apo mia klosti... lol

ps. gamo to kare... to mail mou peinaei gia 16selido common comics #4 :D :D :D