to zhsame / the conclusion

last weekend, was a huge break from boredom..my brother giorgos and i went to volos and then to salonica. we ate a lot, we drank as much as we should have, we played pro evolution soccer, we danced our asses off, we watched diorama perform live in salonica.. the whole thing was so huge that our short hair grew back in time..

now things are getting back in track i hope, with some new projects..
while i'm drawing i 'll be listening to the "happiness" LP by sebastien schuller.. this is probably the most known track out of there.


sandman_gr said...

Etsi e? erxomaste salonika kai oute ena tilefwno? kala.... :-P

pan pan said...

mias kai to xw e? :D

etsi ki alliws hmoun gia liges wres..

sandman_gr said...

a mono wres? E ante na se sygxwresw! LOL

Nomiza oti to eixes to phone! Gmt!!!