scientific report

it's been over 6 months that i 've had that blog and it feels like it's time to sum up stuff. statistics claim that a 20% of the visitors of this blog pass by, by google searches (both random and intented). there is another 35% that pays a visit by a link in my deviantart,myspace or some friend's of mine. there is a mutually proud 44% that happens to be a friend or someone i know in real life. the remaining 1% gets the "people with VDs" tag. such a sad tag.
in other news: i 've almost finished the cover for CommonComics #3. i'll post tommorow some pics. stay tuned.


shyborg said...

the remaining 1% gets the "people with VDs" tag>>

re pan.. ti einai to vd?

nkony said...

xaxaxaaxxaaxaxxaaxaxxaaaxxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa....akoma gelaw...de mporw na synel8w... isws...s'AGAPW! XOXXXXXXOXX

pan pan said...

@:shyborg: einai h dhmiourgia politismou mesa se enan anthrwpo. des edw http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexually_transmitted_disease

@nkony: <333