lynch is a new comic book.
actually it's an experiment on how we,the-brothers-in-awesomeness, g.gousis, m.dialynas, taxis, a.tsiatsios and me, could collaborate in a 48-page book. we did it that way: gousis and i wrote a story together and each one drew half of the pages, taxis and dialynas continued the story doing the same, and tsiatsios made a spin-off story of the "main" arc. we hope people will enjoy reading it more than we enjoyed making it. that means, we hope that people can't hold their enthusiasm for our book and go on a riot (because we didn't).
lynch is gonna be published by ΚΨΜ (kapsimi publishing) and is gonna be printed on samoit paper in two pantone colours, black and pink . above you can see the logo of the book (designed by m.dialynas) and below you can see one of the 8pages i've done for the book. you can visit the links on my brother's names to see more preview pages of the book. we 'll hit you, with more news when the book is on the shelves (around the end of february).


rtmone's complex said...

νάης αηντία ντουντς!

pan pan said...

pou sai re manolito?
eida me evales sta links sou. thanx!
antapedwsa! :D