common comics #3 is on

as i was saying in my deviantart journal..
common comics #3 is a pile of white bristol papers on my drawing desk, a bottle of indian ink, some clean brushes, a loaded pentel brushpen, zip-a-tones and a script in my hard drive.
well, that was till last night. because now the first page has been loosely pencilled and i 'm sharing it with you people. well it's a lot of work to be done, till all 48 pages (+the covers) have been inked, toned and lettered, but i' m pretty sure i'm gonna enjoy the ride thoroughly..
so long.


t-drom said...

break a hand! :D

Giannis said...

na spasei o DIALOS to podari tou

evan said...

hehe tin eida etoimi. 8D

shyborg said...

kali arxi... k pano apo ola i diaskedasi tis fasis! go go

pan pan said...

@T-DROM: tha ta gamhsoume ola leme..haahha

@giannis: ~berd x 111

@evan: kai ti katalaves?

@shyborg: euxaristw gwgw