hospital + screentone crossover

this is a sketch i did in hospital the day before yesterday and added quickly some tones manually (from the screentone i bought yesterday), forcing in all the cliches that come with a pirate. maybe it's the first time i drew a pirate after...say, 22-23 years. i 'm 25. when i was a kid i drew lots of indians, elephants, hens and football players, but never really have had an obsession with pirates. neither have i now. i drew this guy because i realised all the above. maybe the next time i draw a pirate is for my grandchildren's sake..


Anonymous said...

ftiaxe kanan tarifa twra ..ante..

CresceNet said...
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Giannis said...

fato kai to spam twra meleke

madart84 said...

pirates re! ante tora na kaneis ton Giannaki Depp!

pan pan said...

@tarifas: nai ame.. <3

@giannhs: te spemer tene efegee mermege

@madart: mpa. auto htan. se 25 xronia ksana.